What is NEFF Group?

NEFF is a group of farmers in the north east agricultural region looking to support each other as they develop new farming activities that will lead to a viable future for their individual business and the north east agricultural region (NEAR).

Collectively in the NEFF region there are 311 farm business members, covering 4 shires and 1.6 million hectares.

Why is NEFF needed?

Climate change, environmental impacts, cost squeeze, social expectations and changing industry structures are just some of the key drivers placing increased pressures on our farming businesses and our communities. Although we are world leaders in productivity in dry land farming, new farming models and systems are needed to meet these challenges and enable us to survive into the future.

What do we hope to achieve?

NEFF hopes to build on the good work undertaken by farm improvement groups and take farmer co-operation and collaboration that one step further. We are strengthening the network of farmers across the NEAR so that we can support each other as we develop sound business cases for new farming methods and systems. We promote a ‘thinking outside the square' approach to find new ways to address the challenges and opportunities of farming in the NEAR.

How are we different to current farm improvement groups?

Current farm improvement groups have focused on issues around ‘in paddock' productivity. NEFF has adopted a global view of farming, fostering support for developing sound business cases for new farming activities, enterprises and models. We are very keen to ensure that what we establish ‘adds value' to the work of existing farm improvement groups.

Upcoming Event: 2016 GRDC Grains Research Update - Geraldton Zone


When: Wednesday 2 March 2016
Where: Yuna Community Centre
Time: 10am to 4:30pm with a Sundowner to follow
Cost: $30 per person


Contact us

Jenny Thomas, Innovation Officer
0467 640 722



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